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Message from Robert Kiyosaki

Greetings ,
Opportunities surround us.
You see others take advantage of them and think, Why not me? Its so much easier to sit back and watch someone else take the risk, isn’t it? Im not making excuses for you, but I understand. What happens if you fail, better not to try at all right?
Everyone has hardships and difficulties. For some debt. From others its an unsupportive spouse. For some it’s time… or money… or fear… or belief. There are infinite obstacles to success. But there are just as many opportunities. What if you could shift your mind to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles?
A few years back, my wife Kim and I took high performance driving lessons. Learning to drive at 200mph was empowering, but it was also terrifying. Every time I rounded a corner I would take my foot off the gas. My instructor would tell me to speed up, to push it harder, but all I could hear was my fear and self-doubt. My desire to push the envelope was drowned out by fear of hitting the wall.
Finally my instructor called me out. STOP LOOKING AT THE WALL AND FOCUS ON WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!!
I was still scared, but he was right. I had to stop focusing on the obstacles and start focusing on where you are going.
How do you push past your fear and focus on winning? I’ll give you some tips in my next email.
Here’s to making life better,






Robert Kiyosaki